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Make a Difference

By becoming a sponsor, you join The Esther School community of teachers, parents, guardians, and supporters who are working together to provide a holistic education that develops the passions and skills students need to become servant leaders in the Kingdom of God.

Through sponsorship, you’re helping the whole child – mind, body, and soul.

Holisitic Approach: Reaching the Whole Child

At The Esther School, we desire to help students reach their full potential. To do so, we focus on the whole child, nurturing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child, allowing their learning to flourish.

Physical Needs

Children at The Esther School have access to clean water, receive nutritious meals, hygiene education, and basic medical and dental care. Students arrive at school each day assured that they will be provided with all they need physically in order to stay energized and focused in the classroom as they learn. This leads to students who grow strong and create healthy habits for life.

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Emotional Needs

It’s important for children to feel safe as they learn. Students at The Esther School are surrounded by kind and loving teachers who are eager to encourage and empower them as they instruct them in a positive environment. Through this supportive instruction, students learn that they have a voice and value in the Kingdom of God.

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Spiritual Needs

Students at The Esther School get to know Jesus and experience Him. Through daily devotions and Bible lessons, weekly chapels, discipleship groups, and class time set aside to learn more about who Godis as their Creator, students grow in their personal relationship with their Savior. As the love of Jesus is poured into them by teachers and staff, it waters the seed of hope inside of them - and empowers them to be lights to their families and communities.

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Our Sponsorship Model

At The Esther School, sponsorship is partnership. Sponsors partner with the student's parents, teachers, and community members to help the student reach their full potential.

There are two options for sponsoring a student at The Esther School. A full sponsorship solely covers the monthly cost of educating a student at The Esther School, while a  shared sponsorship covers half of the monthly cost of a student's education. The students of shared sponsors will have two sponsors assigned to them in order to fully cover their educational costs each month. 

Students love connecting with and praying for their sponsor(s). Thank you for partnering with us in this life-impacting way.  It is through the recurring financial support and faithful prayers of our sponsors that the work of The Esther School is possible. 

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Canadian Sponsorships

Full Sponsorship

$130 CAD per month
Fully sponsors a child's educational costs

Shared Sponsorship

$65 CAD per month
Covers half of student's educational costs.

Annual Sponsorship

Make an annual sponsor payment
$1560 CAD annually for Full Sponsorship
$780 CAD annually for Shared Sponsorship

USA Sponsorships

Full Sponsorship

$100 USD per month ($1200 USD per year)
Fully covers a student's educational costs

Shared Sponsorship

$50 USD per month ($600 USD per year)
Covers half of a student's educational costs

Annual Sponsor Payment

Make an annual sponsor payment
$1200 USD annually for Full Sponsorship
$600 USD annually for Shared Sponsorship

You are making a difference

At The Esther School, we call our sponsors, "difference makers." Why? Because, to put it simply, it’s what you do. 

"As a sponsor, we feel like we are making a difference in her education and her coming to faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior."
-Dan and Tina, Sponsors (CA, USA)

By partnering through sponsorship, you play an important role in a child receiving an education, have a significant impact on their current circumstances, as well as greatly influence their future hopes and dreams. Through your support, prayers, and letters, you are investing in the next generation of difference makers.

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Praying for the student you sponsor

The greatest way you can make a difference in a child’s life is through prayer. Download our list of 31 things you can pray over the child you sponsor. As you pray, be assured that the child you sponsor is praying for you, too!

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Letter writing guide 

Did you know you can write letters to the child you sponsor? We recognize with cultural and language differences sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. This is why we created this document to be of help to you as you write. Know that students love to hear from you!

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Other ways to partner with us

Curious about other ways to give in order to partner with us? The Esther School continues to grow, adding more students and additional academic spaces. You can help us continue to build so we can keep providing this life-impacting education for many years to come!