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Boys and Girls Brigade

Every other Wednesday, students begin their day with Boys or Girls Brigade. They gather with students in different grades - strengthening teamwork within The Esther School. Teachers address issues and questions from students with answers from the Bible. God intentionally uses this time to teach students about self-esteem, building others up, trusting Him through difficult situations, and what He says about being men or women. When students go to Boys or Girls Brigade, they learn truths that impact their entire day.

When their day begins, students wake up at home and start their routine. First, they complete their chores like cleaning the house, washing dishes, or taking care of the animals. When they finish, they get ready for school by putting on their uniforms and packing their homework. Then, they set out for school.

On their journey, they pass blooming fields of crops, chatter from homes getting ready, and community members heading to work. As they walk, they recall the morning activities, anticipate the experiences and people at school, and remember their responsibilities back at home.

Upon their arrival at The Esther School, students unpack their bags and wait for school to begin. At 8 o’clock, teachers call for their classes. Students line up outside their classrooms and greet their teachers. As students gear up for the day, teachers dismiss their classes for Boys and Girls Brigade.

The program that students attend now developed from a foundation built years ago. Boys and Girls Brigade began when the school was younger. In 2016, Grades Two to Four boys gathered weekly for devotions and team-building activities. God used the male teachers as role models for the boys. He spoke to students about what it means to be godly men, how to treat others, and what He says about the world around them. As a result, they strengthen their character, school community, and understanding of Christ.

Since then, the school program has evolved. Every year, more students and teachers became involved. As the boys got older, teachers introduced new topics to address new issues affecting students and the surrounding community. In 2021 girls joined, and the female teachers provided the same biblical direction to more students. And finally, the older and younger grades split to accommodate the increasing student body, create comfortable spaces for students to share, and address concerns in age-appropriate ways.

Now, students meet with peers of the same gender and similar ages. They learn from and with students going through similar circumstances, and they have the opportunity to share and ask questions about topics important to them. Looking for answers, students can see their teachers as role models as they share their experiences and point students towards Christ.

When students leave Boys and Girls Brigade and go to class, they know their identity. God equips them with wisdom as they discover new things and interact with their friends at school. And after a day full of learning, they can live as leaders in their homes - confident about what their Father says about who they are and the world around them.